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CBI & FINANCE is proud to offer you peace of mind and transparency when you own an electric vehicle. This is why we are associated with a major player with more than 30 years experience in the field. It is a priority for us to have the expertise from a well-established company for a simple and efficient service

Example of parts at risk

Even though electric cars are more reliable than gasoline-powered cars, there are still parts that are likely to break.

These repairs can sometimes be very expensive as you can see...

Antoine Joubert's explanations (french)

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The extended warranty for electric vehicles is a must-have tool for peace of mind.


Steve Sawyer


This isn't a commercial, but for those of you wondering about the $2900 extended warranty offered by CBI, I have to say I'm glad I bought it. I picked it up exactly a month and a half ago. A week ago, my right rear suspension started to squeak. I went to the garage and the estimate for the repair was $2700. I thought it would be embarrassing to ask to have it covered under the warranty I'd just taken out, but then I changed my mind, thinking that it would be a good test to see how they were and that if everything went well I'd report it to the group. Well, to my surprise, no problem at all, it's covered and they pay. It's the least I can do to share it with you. https://www.cbifinance.ca/en

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Jean-François Laplante


I purchased that warranty a year ago in the beginning of December for my Model X. In less than a year I claimed more than I paid for the warranty. Most of the time it is pretty straight forward and I do my repairs tru the Tesla Service Centers. I'm very satisfied so far. It covers the most vital and expensive parts of the car so it is very reassuring for me. Peace of mind with an out of warranty car is important!

If I have one complain it would be that the delay for the repairs acceptance is sometimes longer and can result in situations like the car being stuck on the lift while waiting. Normally it is not a problem for most of the time especially if the repair shop is using their portal which, unfortunately, is not the case the the Tesla service centers. Tesla has a competing warranty offer (a lot more expensive) so they are not doing extras for this one.

Justin Cohen


Yes, I made a claim on this a few weeks ago - I made a long winded post on the experience, logging each step as I went.

I was a bit hesitant to get the warranty as I had another that was expiring and it was a total PITA, wouldn't cover this, wouldn't cover that!

This one DID cover an approx $4500 repair and I paid $100. (Trunk latch repair and onboard charger)

Only awkward part was having the SC wait while I got authorization. I got a response in 20 minutes approving it. I paid the $4600 and they send a bank transfer about 3 weeks later for the 4500. (My SC won't let them pay instead of me, but I didn't mind at all (My CC points . )

If you can't find my other post, (search for CBI Finance) let me know, I won't rehash it.

If I bought another Tesla out of warranty, I'd get it again (so far)

To note: They WON'T cover a repair if it is caused by rust.

I have a '17 MX with 198000km on it now.

Jacques Paquet


Like Mr. Raymond RayBec Lagacé, I'd also like to share with you a good experience I had when I signed up for the extended warranty that Club Tesla was offering its members in December 2022. Like many people, I had my doubts about the service that would be offered. My Tesla warranty was not finished when I bought it. My Tesla warranty ended in July 2023, so the extended warranty began on that date. I can tell you that I saved in repair costs the entire premium I paid for the warranty. I went to Expert VE in Quebec City and received excellent service. I only had to pay the $100 deductible, which was not covered by the warranty. Thank you Expert EV of Quebec and Club Tesla for the excellent service. I own an X 2020 long range

Charles Lussier Remax


Excellent warranty!!!

My claim was paid directly to VE Rive-Sud. Claim of more than 5000$.

Very good follow-up from Mr. Dussault who is always available to answer our questions. A must for the S and X

I strongly advise you to go directly to VE Rive-Sud or VE-Montréal who have an agreement for direct payment of the warranty. You only have to pay the deductible.

Christian Charlebois, Club Testla


Cbi Finance, Avantages-Plus:

For those who read my post from yesterday, or not, here is the very happy sequel.

Quick reminder: 2015 Model S, 4-way valve issue and front noise issue. After a few exchanges with Customer Service, almost all of my repairs were covered! On a job that cost almost $2000 (tx inc) almost $1900 was covered. I received quick responses from CBI Finance via email and even Facebook Messenger. I am waiting for the payment to my bank account, expected soon.

Mary Le Vasseur


I personally took the warranty and made an initial claim last week. Once I received the quote, I sent it to the email mentioned in the contract. 30 minutes later, I received a return that said it was covered with an authorization number and the paid written invoice and a sample check for reimbursement. Everything should be refunded within 30 days.

Am I qualified to purchase a warranty?

We don't care where you bought your vehicle, whether you're still under factory warranty or after. If you are able to select your vehicle specifics and see the term options, your vehicle is eligible. Exceptions are (as stated in our terms and conditions) if your vehicle is rebuilt (vga) or if you are using your vehicle for short term leasing of less than one year, you are not qualified to be covered on your EV. If you think your case may be different, please contact us!

The warranty applies to vehicles less than 10 years old and less than 200,000 KM. 

Can I immediately use my warranty once it is purchased?

Once you have purchased your coverage plan, you have a 30-day grace period until your warranty is activated. During this grace period, you may also choose to cancel and receive a 100% refund. If you have purchased a used Tesla, only the Vehicle Owner can transfer the warranty to a new owner. Transfer requests must be sent to the Administrator with the full name and address of the new owner, including the date of purchase and odometer reading at the time of transfer. This information must be sent to the Administrator within the first fifteen (15) days of new ownership. An Authorized Distributor or Authorized Repair Center is not eligible for warranty transfers. No fees will be applied to warranty transfers.

Why buy an extended warranty if I'm still under the manufacturer's warranty?

In all circumstances, it is always cheaper to purchase a warranty contract as soon as possible (when your vehicle is under full manufacturer's warranty). From the original in-service date you can extend from 1 year to 5 years unlimited mileage, compared to purchasing a 1 year to 5 years unlimited mileage warranty when your vehicle is no longer under full warranty from the manufacturer (both having the same comprehensive coverage plan).

How are repair claims paid?

We will always offer and be prepared to pay the service center directly, as we consider this to be the best experience for our members.

Once you have forwarded the invoice or work order authorized by our claims center and the service is now completed on your vehicle, we will pay by credit card directly over the phone, send the credit card information by email directly to the Service Advisor, or if payment for third-party treatment is not available, we will reimburse you, less your $100 deductible.

What is covered by our warranty?

When creating our warranty, we made it available to all electric vehicle owners. Our warranty contract achieves the highest level of coverage a vehicle is eligible for outside of the manufacturer's warranty. We will cover all the parts listed on the contract (see details in the coverage tab). There are certain parts like the 12v battery, wheels, tires, cosmetic components (body glass, door seals, weather stripping, bumpers, paint, glass, etc.) and external charging cords/cables that are not covered.

Is your warranty contract transferable if I sell my vehicle?

Yes! your warranty is transferable to any new owner.

When I have a problem with my vehicle, where do I go?

Where you service your electric vehicle does not change. Your warranty contract works more in the background like a payment service.

If you own a Tesla schedule your service visit on your mobile app. When you receive the service estimate, please send it to our claims center at info@garantieavantageplus.ca or by phone or Fax: 450.666.2836 SO THAT OUR TEAM APPROVES THE ESTIMATE and is ready to pay Tesla by credit card , by telephone, by e-mail or to reimburse you.
If you own another battery electric vehicle, please take your vehicle to a qualified service center, show them your policy number and have them call 1.866.666.0181 to begin your claim.

Am I eligible for the warranty?

Vehicles less than 10 years old and with less than 200,000 km are eligible.