Claim Procedures

1.To simplify your claim, you must obtain authorization from a claims agent. Please call 1-866-666-0181. 

2. To obtain authorization, an estimate from an authorized garage must be sent to one of the following

3. The information on the estimate, necessary for authorization, must include all the following

  • The reason for the breakdown
  • The current odometer reading at the time of breakdown
  • The contract number for the vehicle
  • The serial number (vin) of the vehicle
  • The name of the client/owner of the vehicle

4. You must receive the signed authorization form, indicating the approved reimbursement amount by a service agent of the administrator before any repair work on the vehicle begins.

5. Once the repair has been completed, the authorization form must be signed by the client indicated on the warranty and returned to the payables department at either, by fax, or by the dealer access portal, along with the final copy of the invoice from the garage.

Procedure to download and/or print